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July 3, 2015  -- Middle School student perform the traditional Yi bell dance at Bandi Middle School in Bandi Township of Weining County, southwest China's Guizhou Province. Bell dance is a traditional art form of the Yi ethnic group. It originated from Yi people's daily life and is usually performed during festivals to worship ancestors and gods. Dancers ring bells held in their hands in time with a rhythm created by drums and other bells. In 2006, bell dance was added to China's National Intangible Cultural Heritage List. (Xinhua/Yang Wenbin)

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6 July 2015 07:16 (GMT +8)
Ethiopian Yemane Tsegay Adhane wins 2008 Macau Marathon Print E-mail

081207maratona.jpgMacau, China, 7 Dec - Ethiopian runner Yemane Tsegay Adhane today won the 2008 edition of the men's marathon in Macau with a time of 02:15:06, followed by Kenyan Cyrian Kiogara Hwobi, six seconds later.

Third place went to Ukrainian Mykhail Iveruk with a time of 02:16:49.

In the women's marathon, China's Lili Yuan won with a time of 02:36:40, followed by Koreans Yong Ok Jong and Kum OK Kim with times of 02:36:52 and 02:36:55, respectively.

The 2007 men's marathon was won by North Korea's Ri Kum Song with a time of 02:17:39 and the women's marathon was also won by a North Korean runner, Pyo Un Suk, with a time of 02:38:27.

Around 3,000 athletes took part in the marathon, which was organised by the Macau Sport Development Board and the Macau Athletic Association.



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